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How to Minimize Vaping Aerosols' Threat to Users' Safety
Users' safety has always been the first concern in the vaping industry. There is a lot of debate about whether vaping aerosols have a potential risk impact on the human body over the past years. This article detects the safety threats of atomization mechanisms and how ALD copes with aerosols' health threats.
Jul 29,2022
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ALD's Efforts to Provide the Best Taste and Vaping Satisfaction
As a leading vaping hardware solution provider, ALD has prioritized user experience all the time. It has built specific expert teams for flavor modulation mechanisms, with such investments demonstrating the company's competitive edge in a high-tech and quickly evolving industry.
Jul 28,2022
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How Does the PMTA Regulation Affect the Vaping Industry?
Over the past few years, the tobacco industry has experienced an enormous change with the introduction of new regulations which specifically impact start-up e-cig companies on the market. This regulation is called Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA). This article will explore how it affects the e-cig companies in the vaping industry.
Jul 20,2022
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Automated Production and ALD: Intelligent Manufacturing
As a vaping solution hardware supplier, ALD has always been devoted to improving our production capacity. This article shows what key features and benefits of ALD's automated production lines, demonstrating our determination to provide the best service for our clients.
Jun 25,2022
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Six Key Steps to Follow During the PMTA Application Process
There is an apparent trend that PMTA applications would become more strict, resulting in many e-cig companies facing the crisis of being failed in acceptance reviews. This article aims to demonstrate the application process's critical points to kindly remind new e-cig products of failing in PMTA review and approval.
Jun 20,2022
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Three Stages of E-liquid Development: Freebase nicotine, Nicotine salts, and Synthetic nicotine
Over the past decade, the technology behind vaping e-liquids has gone through three distinct stages of development: from freebase nicotine; to nicotine salts; then to synthetic nicotine. Various e-liquid manufacturers have attempted to strike a balance between providing a better user experience, and conforming to varying regulations around the often-controversial topic of the varying types of nicotine present in e-liquids.
May 31,2022
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What Moves are Being Made to Replace Disposable Plastics in E-cigs?
Since environmental contamination poses significant threats to all humankind, various large vaping industry companies have shown great concern for the eco-friendly vaping solution. To cater to the needs of sustainability, ALD is dedicated to providing biodegradable substitutes for disposable plastic.
May 23,2022
NEWS · Company News
What Actions are Being Made by Manufacturers to Counter the Constant Threat of Counterfeit and Non-compliant Devices Entering the Market?
With the rapid development of the e-cigarette industry, an increasing number of counterfeit and non-compliant products have been flooding into the market. Those fake devices pose significant threats to customers' health and also damage brands' reputations.
May 14,2022
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