InFocus 2022
Hosted By GTNF on May 5th
Innovation & Sustainability
• Leadership in a Sustainable World
• Sustainable Products and Stewardship
Make the World Hear Our Voice
• At the forum, Dr. Kevin Peng, on behalf of ALD group, shared our experience in technology improvements in the e-cigarette sector.
• These include the adoption of the most innovative anti-dry burn technology, and our efforts to effectively reduce carbon footprints with the use of bio-based plastics.
Voice from Authoritative Magazines and Well-known Journalists
We were honored to be reported by TobaccoReporter in regard to this InFocus event.
Our Determination of the Green
Tobacco and Nicotine Sector
ALD is the pioneer in the next generation of environmentally friendly e-cigarette products, with sustainability issues being addressed from multiple perspectives in fresh, innovative design.
The Future Insight
Environmental contamination is a common challenge to all mankind. Thus, we will raise awareness of sustainable development and constantly contribute to the green tobacco and nicotine industry no matter how huge the challenges we may face.
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